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All-in-one cloud-based software defined connectivity

BeBroadband(™) is the first-of-its-kind software defined cloud-based solution for secure network connectivity between all types of branches & users. Move up to a powerful SASE bundle solution for remote management of SD-WAN/LAN, WFA, IoT, and cloud networks.


Our Mission is to Help the World

With the accelerated pace of enterprise digitization, organizations are reinventing all aspects of their business, perhaps most notably by connecting the digital and physical worlds to create “smart environments”.

With these smart, connected environments comes the urgent need to monitor the safety, security, and efficiency of all things in the ecosystem.
This is not a trivial task.

Telco Systems

Agil Edge Compute Suite

Edgility is an agile edge compute software suite, providing enterprise IT teams and MSPs (Managed Services Providers) with a 360-degree toolset for automating the deployment, operation and lifecycle management of thousands of edge devices and IT services across multiple branches, home and “mobile” offices forming the enterprise WAN.

Mission Ecoter

Mission for the Digital Economy, the Management and Organization of Territoires-France and Territoires Numériques

Mission Ecoter-France et Territoires Numériques, An association under the law of 1901, has been bringing together, since 1997, local authorities (cities, departments, regions, agglomeration structures, public agencies, unions of municipalities, consular and local economic development organizations) and companies active in the local authority sector (Digital, Health, Education, Environment, Transport, Local Finance….) to:

  • support local authorities in their transformations,
  • exchange on the uses and digital services to citizens,
  • set up an adapted and efficient monitoring of transformation projects,
  • influence political and administrative decisions for the territories,
  • disseminate the most reliable information in an innovative sector,
  • train elected officials, territorial executives and business actors in the digital economy, finance, human resources…


Cyber Defense Automation
Agile Mobile App Defense

Build, test, release and monitor all mobile app protections in one unified Cyber Defense Automation platform in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Accelerate the delivery of mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-malware, anti-cheat, anti-bot and other defenses in Android & iOS apps. Empower your organization to deliver better mobile app protection with less work, zero complexity, and better user experiences for everyone



Kentik is the expert in network traffic intelligence. It transforms billions of digital traffic fingerprints into a knowledge base accessible in real time to technical and operational teams.

Network and security teams use Kentik to manage and optimize the performance, security, and business potential of their networks.

The company was founded by network and big data technicians and executives from companies such as CloudFlare, Akamai, YouTube and Netflix, with decades of experience in operations, architecture and distributed systems. Kentik is based in San Francisco.